How to Put On Weight

Are you skinny and would like to fill up? Do you want to put on weight? Read on to learn a few useful tips about how to put on weight.

Tips on How to Put On Weight

  • Do not take recourse to weight gain pills or supplements if you wish to put on weight. You only need a positive attitude and a healthy diet. To start with, find out if a particular medical condition is preventing you from gaining weight. Once you are sure that this is not the case, focus on improving your diet.
  • Your should consume more calories than you burn. Be patient and wait for the results.
  • Exercise is also important for weight gain. Resistance training can improve muscle mass, and increase your metabolism. After your workouts, consume protein-rich foods.
  • Eat plenty of protein-rich foods which include sunflower and sesame seeds, almonds, meats, milk, low-fat dairy products and fish.
  • Avoid fatty and junk foods. There is a common notion that beer can help you gain weight. This is not true, you will only end up with a beer belly.
  • Eat three large meals and three small ones each day. But, ensure you consume only healthy foods. Eat a meal every three hours. Do not stretch the gap between meals to five hours.
  • Begin your day by consuming a healthy breakfast that includes some nuts, a fruit, whole-grain toast, a banana milkshake or banana and milk. Don’t limit yourself to juices, eat fruits too.
  • For lunch, you can eat rice, a fish or chicken dish, cheese, green leafy vegetables and wholegrain bread. Your dinner can also consist of mainly the same foods. Ensure you eat dinner at least a couple of hours before hitting the bed.
  • Eat healthy snacks between meals. These include salads, flavored or plain yogurt, chicken or cheese sandwich and fruits. Avoid junk food such as fried stuff, doughnuts and burgers.

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