Six Pack Abs Diet

To get six pack abs, proper diet is essential. You need to be accountable for the foods that you eat daily. Ensure you eat only those foods that prime your body for fat burning. When your diet is in place, you will see progress. This article gives you useful tips about adopting a six pack abs diet.

Do Not Skip Meals After Your Workout

Your post-workout meal is very important. Many people skip this meal in the belief that they can burn more fat. Your post-workout meal can stimulate the metabolic rate. As a result, nutrients get absorbed by the muscle tissues. Therefore, eat your highest calorie meal after a workout. You can limit other meals to lower calories.

Eat Plenty of Protein

Protein should be part of each and every snack and meal. This is essential if you are on a fat-loss diet. Foods with protein include egg whites, fish and chicken.

Eat a High-carb Diet One day Each week

Do not omit carbs altogether. A lot of people who try to get six pack abs, stop consuming carbs. But, when all carbs are omitted, the metabolism rate would decrease, affecting fat loss. Therefore, include at least one high-carb day in your weekly diet.

Eat Casein Protein Before Going to Bed

Consuming casein protein before hitting the sack is important. Casein protein is a slow type of protein, that can ensure that your muscles get a steady supply of amino acids. This can prevent the loss of muscle mass tissue.

Include Fish Oil

Your six pack abs diet should limit fat. However, fish oil is one type of fat that should be included. The advantage of fish oil is that it improves insulin sensitivity. This enables the body to handle carbohydrates better, reducing the risk of converting them into fat. Therefore, take about five grams of fish oil capsules every day. Focus on mackerel and salmon.

Limit Sodium Intake

The final tip for your six pack abs diet is to limit sodium intake. Sodium can affect your leanness, that is why it should be avoided or limited to a minimum amount.

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