Meditation Stress Relief

Stress has become a part of today’s hectic world. Too much mental agitation can also affect us physically. Therefore, the need of the hour is stress relief. Meditation is one proven method of providing relief from life’s strains and tension. It can calm body and mind, improve healing power and prevent physical damage due to stress. Read on to learn more about meditation stress relief.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can reverse stress response, alleviating the debilitating effects of stress. When you practise meditation, you sweat less, use oxygen efficiently, normalize blood pressure and your breathing and heart rate slow down. Moreover, your immunity improves, and mind and body age more slowly. Regular meditation can also increase clarity of mind and creativity. It helps control the monkey mind, enabling you to give up even potent addictions such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

How Meditation Works

You can practise meditation by sitting in a relaxed posture and keeping your mind clear. Focus on your breathing, a mantra or just do “mind watching”. To start with, meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes. Gradually, you can progress to longer meditation sessions. Beginners need privacy and silence, but experienced practitioners can meditate anywhere. Many people take up meditation because of it spiritual benefits. But, it can also be practised strictly for its physical and mental benefits.

Pros Of Meditation

  • It is free and can be practised anytime.
  • It is effective both short-term and long-term.
  • Even a single session can be beneficial.
  • A teacher is not necessary, as you can learn simple meditation techniques from books or online.

Cons of Meditation

  • It requires perseverance, patience and practice.
  • Not all people may find the time or privacy.

Get Started Today

So, don’t wait for an auspicious time or day. Start meditation today to reap fantastic benefits. Meditation stress relief can make you more aware of your mind and body. You will turn over a new leaf in your life, and become a better person with minimum effort.

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