What is Christian Meditation?

Meditation is fast becoming popular in the western world. It is a proven stress-buster. Besides peace of mind, research reveals that meditation also has many physical benefits. If you were born in a Christian family, you might wish to learn how to practice Christian meditation. This article reveals answers to the question “What is Christian meditation?”

Maranatha Mantra
Those interested in Christian meditation may want to learn about the Maranatha mantra, which is an ancient Christian mantra. This Christian meditation mantra has been used since ancient times by monks. The word Maranatha features in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Maranatha is an Aramaic word which means “Come Lord”.

Pronouncing the Mantra
Ma-ra-na-tha is pronounced with the “a” as in “far” or “car”. Pronounce it rhythmically within the mind at a natural speed. Your pronunciation speed will gradually slow down. Gentle repetition will slowly produce calmness. This feeling is enhanced when the mantra is repeated silently in the mind as opposed to uttered aloud.

Positioning the Mind
While repeating the mantra silently, position your mind on a physical location and do not allow it to wander. There are two ideal places where you can focus while chanting the Maranatha mantra. One is the heart center, between the breasts. This is the seat of feelings and emotions, as well as the spiritual heart. The other is the eyebrow center between the eyes, known as the third eye. Focus on this space as you repeat the mantra silently. Gradually, you will experience silence and spiritual stillness.

Move into Silence
After chanting the mantra silently for some time, slowly your mind will move into inner silence. Initially, the mantra is useful in stabilizing the inner chatter without repressing emotions or thoughts. The ensuing silence and stillness of mind are the fruits of your focused effort.

The World Community for Christian Meditation teaches Maranatha meditation extensively. Father John Main of WCCM opined that this Christian meditation tradition has relevance even today not just for monks, but for the layman too. Father John Main equates meditation to candle light -it is weak in the beginning, but with constant practice, the small candle floods our mind with illuminating light.

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  1. Excellent, concise article sharing a beautiful form of Christian meditation. The point about positioning the mind is especially useful, as it is often left out of more terse direction – another useful point on the body which can hold the attention is just below the navel (about 3 or 4 finger widths). It also promotes a stability of mind, further serving the contemplative goal of this practice.

    Thanks for the post.


    Chris Boozell

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