What is Spirituality?

Spiritual knowledge can help you realize your true inner nature. You may think you are small and limited. But, spirituality can make you realize you are more powerful and great beyond imagination. You will become aware of the divine light inside you. Not just that, you will realize that this divine light exists in everybody else too. We normally think that we are limited our physical body and circumstances such as job, family, race, gender etc. Spirituality reveals there is more to life than just this.

Spirituality Inspires You

Spiritual energy gives great inspiration, which can lead to peacefulness, wisdom, joy and love. It makes you realize the transitory nature of your body and the circumstances which may seem important at this moment. Spirituality reminds there is more to life than just the physical world. It connects you with the divine force that is behind all. Spirituality can help you get success in any endeavor, be it material achievement or inner peace.

Difference Between Materialism and Spirituality


Materialism depends on the evidence generated by our five senses. It makes opinions based on external appearances. A materialistic individual makes outer changes to fix things.


Spirituality looks beyond outer appearances and the experience of the five senses. A spiritual person improves and transforms his/her outlook first, and does not blame others if things go wrong. Spirituality makes us realize the ever-changing and temporary nature of the external world. Our body is just a mortal coil which can be reduced to ashes or dust any day. Once we realize this, we begin to seek our inner realm, which is profound, timeless and eternal.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality can be called the mystical side of religion. It places stress on personal experience instead of empty rituals. Spirituality promotes respect and love for oneself and others. Religion is organized and has a mission of presenting doctrines and teachings in a particular way. Different religions have different customs and rituals. But, the kernel of all religions is spirituality.

Spirituality not only includes all religions, but is beyond them. It contains all philosophies, and is beyond them too. Spirituality sublimates aggression and makes us realize the futility of controlling others’ beliefs. It promotes harmony in diversity as one begins to realize the inherent oneness behind all universal phenomena.

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