What is Kabbalah Meditation?

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is ancient in origin. It is a Jewish mystical tradition of meditation that can lead to profound insights. Kabbalah forms an integral part of the Torah, which is the Jewish holy book. A few Jewish scholars suggest that the Torah is one of the five books of Moses.

Kabbalah Meditation

Jewish mystics designed Kabbalah meditations more than 2,000 years ago. The aim is to increase awareness and reach higher planes of the mind. Regular practitioners of Kabbalah meditation can attain happiness and peace.

Objective of Kabbalah Meditation

Kabbalah meditation silences the mind and brings relaxation. It paves the way for positive changes in one’s life. Negative influences are wiped out from both mind and body. The power of the mind is established over matter. Kabbalah meditation aims to bring understanding, love and joy in one’s daily life and activities.

How to Practice Kabbalah Meditation

Read on to learn the basics of practising Kabbalah meditation:

  • Kabbalah meditation involves morning meditation. Meditation verses and blessings are recited.
  • A morning prayer is recited. It is a Hebrew prayer which thanks God and expresses our appreciation to Him. In the evening, another prayer is recited.
  • Three blessings are recited. These invoke certain spirits’ healing powers, to increase your mental strength.
  • Memorize the Kabbalah meditation verses. Recite them at night. Kabbalah reveals that the spirit takes leave of the body during sleep and moves to a higher plane.
  • Join a Kabbalah center that is near to your place. Kabbalah encourages community values, hence new members are welcomed.

General Warnings and Tips

  • Certain Kabbalah centers levy membership fees. The fees depend on the location of the center, and can range from inexpensive to moderate.
  • Meditation should be used to supplement a healthy lifestyle. It should not be considered as the primary treatment for stress-linked syndromes such as high blood pressure, ulcers, depression or anxiety. If severe stress is affecting your normal life, consult a physician immediately.

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