What is Walking Meditation?

Walking meditation can be called meditation in action. While practicing walking meditation, we focus on the experience of simply walking. We learn to become mindful and aware of this experience.

How is Walking Meditation Different?

Walking meditation has some basic differences with sitting meditation. For one, our eyes are open and we pay more attention to the outside world. We need to steer clear of external objects and people, to avoid bumping into them. If you are walking outdoors, you can pay attention to the sun, wind, and traffic sounds. The advantage is walking meditation can be done anytime, anywhere, except in crowded places and heavy traffic!

How to Practice Walking Meditation?

Start walking at a normal, slow pace. Pay attention to your feet, and how they make contact with the ground. Keep your walking rhythm relaxed and normal. Pay attention to the feel of your clothing on your body. Notice the motions of your arms. In this manner slowly sweep through your body, focusing on the sensations felt by each part.

Focus On Your Feelings

As you are walking, try to become aware of your feelings. Just notice them objectively as they pass through your mind and do not cling or push them away. The outer world may create pleasant or unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Just keep track of them in an objective manner.

Be Aware of Your Emotions and Thoughts

Now, start paying attention to your emotional states. Check if your mind is feeling bored, content or irritated. Is it happy to be practicing walking meditation? Is your mind clear, dull, busy or calm? Just notice your thoughts and mental states without judgment.

Balance Between Inner and Outer Experiences

Slowly, become aware of both your inner and outer experiences. With regular practice, your mind can settle into stillness, clarity and calmness. To conclude your session, gradually stop walking and come to a standstill. Simply stand for a while and be aware of your inner and outer experiences.

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