Meditation for Concentration

Our mind can be compared to a wild horse as thoughts flow through it without control. You would have realized this truth while trying to study for an exam. Most times, we are physically present but mentally absent. Therefore, learning to concentrate is an essential tool for success in life. One of the best methods to improve concentration is by practicing meditation.

Meditation Techniques for Improving Concentration

Meditative Breathing Technique

In this method, we use the natural act of breathing to practice meditation. Follow the below steps to practice breathing meditation:

  • First, calm yourself by taking some deep breaths
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Sit in a comfortable posture with a straight back. This pose helps improve intake of oxygen
  • Breathe in, hold the air and count till four. Then, exhale.
  • Do this exercise rhythmically for about 10 minutes

Object Focus Technique

In this method, we focus our attention on a single object. This method if practiced regularly can improve our concentration.

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a silent place.
  • Choose your object of concentration. It could be a painting, or even a piece of paper.
  • Stare at this object and notice even the minute details.
  • Ignore everything else and focus only on the object.
  • Breathe deeply while concentrating. You can perform this meditation for about 15 minutes.

Meditative Counting Technique

This is another interesting meditation technique to improve concentration. It involves simultaneous counting and breathing. Follow the below steps to reap rich results:

  • Sit in a comfortable pose wearing light clothes.
  • Start breathing deeply and rhythmically.
  • Close your eyes and count from 1 to 100.
  • You can also try counting from 100 to 1, to exercise your brain.
  • Vary your counting speed after some time.

Meditation Can Benefit Children

The above meditation techniques are so easy that even children can benefit from them. Many children are hyperactive and have limited attention span. Some children may suffer from psychological disorders. Meditation can help such children by making them calm and quiet. So, get cracking and tame your monkey mind starting today by practicing

meditation for concentration.

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