Path to Inner Peace

There are many conflicts and issues that we need to deal with in the world around us. Most of us are obsessed with material desires and think that fulfilling all our wishes is the key to happiness. Is this true? Will buying a swank apartment or car, or marrying a beautiful person make us truly happy? Of course, it doesn’t. The moment one material goal is fulfilled, it is replaced by another one. In such a scenario, this article reveals the

path to inner peace.

What is Inner Peace?

First, let’s try to understand what is inner peace before trying to find it. Inner peace is a serene feeling which occurs when we are at peace with ourself. In this state, we become oblivious to our surroundings. Inner peace plays an important part in our spiritual growth. Inner peace occurs when our mind becomes still and we feel freedom and positive energy, devoid of all negativity.

How to Find Happiness and Inner Peace

Inner peace cannot be obtained by hankering after material desires. We need to learn how to manage our monkey mind and its eternal chatter. Try this simple exercise as the first step towards finding inner peace:

  • Stop all activities
  • Lean back and shut your eyes
  • Keep your breathing normal and listen to your breathing sounds
  • While inhaling, feel the oxygen as it goes into your lungs
  • While exhaling, imagine that all impurities and negativities are exiting your body
  • Keep your body still
  • Slowly your mind will settle down
  • This is the first step to inner peace

More Tips to Attain Inner Peace

  • Be Grateful

    for what you have. Do not fret about things that you do not have. Millions of people do not have the things that you have been blessed with. Gratitude is an important step towards feeling inner peace.

  • Accept Yourself

    with all your imperfections. Try to be comfortable with your body, mind and soul. This will help to minimize internal conflicts.

  • Meditate More Often.

    Regular practice of meditation can instill positive mind control. Silence and solitude are solace to the mind and soul. Be alone with yourself in natural surroundings, such as a lake, park, hilltop or countryside. Close your eyes and be one with nature. This is a great way to find inner peace.

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