Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditation to suit the needs and interests of all. This article reveals a few basic

types of meditation

that can get you started on the road to attaining peace of mind.

Breath watching

This a simple meditation, but requires a relatively sharpened mind. Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Keep your attention on your nostrils and notice the breathing. As the air comes in and goes out of your nose, there will be some sensation in your nostrils. Focus your attention on this sensation. As the mind wanders, bring back your focus on your breathing. To start, do this meditation exercise for a few minutes.

Empty Mind Meditation

In this method, we try to empty our mind of all thoughts. It can be a difficult exercise for beginners. Sit in a comfortable position and let your mind become silent. Do not force any thoughts as this can feed your mind’s inherently busy nature.

Walking Meditation

This method is also called meditation in motion. You can do it anywhere, but preferably indoors, as there will be less distractions. Pace back and forth in your home. Focus your attention on your legs as they move, and on breathing normally. Feel your feet hitting the ground and moving up. Keep re-focusing your wandering mind back on normal breathing and simple walking.

Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation method can greatly increase your awareness. You can start by sweeping your body, watching out for sensations or lack of them. Slowly, pay attention to the thoughts passing in your mind. Without analyzing or judging, objectively notice what’s going on around you. This type of insight meditation can make you see reality as it is, without any coloring or bias.

Mantra Meditation

This is a simple method of meditation. Sit comfortably and start chanting a mantra inside your mind. As your mind wanders, bring back your attention to the mantra. Beginners will understand the inherent unsteadiness of our monkey mind, as it keeps wandering away from the mantra. But, do not fret. Every time you realize your mind has wandered, gently bring it back to the mantra. With time, there will be a great improvement in your powers of concentration.

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