Punk Hairstyles for Men

Punk hairstyles on men can look outrageous and shock onlookers. Its origin was in the punk rock era of the 1970’s, when musicians started coloring and spiking their hair. The advantage of punk hairstyles is that they can never be considered a fashion disaster. The more outrageous your punk hairstyle, the cooler it would look. Punk hairstyles suit those youngsters and young at heart who like to shock society. This article reveals useful information on the different types of

punk hairstyles for men.


This hairstyle needs long hair. The hair is cut evenly around the head and tapers in the back. Gel is applied to the hair to create long spikes. Neon colors are used to top the effect.


The hair is cut asymmetrically. The hair ends are made spunky and tiny. Color your hair brown or blond, and add neon colors to the hair tips for maximum effect.


The Gothic look can serve to shock and horrify. You can spike your hair into long horns in the middle of the head. Use blue black color to dye your hair to emphasize the long spikes.


This evergreen hairdo is also the most popular punk hairstyle. Shave the entire head, leaving only a strip of hair in the center of the head. You can use any hair color to dye the hair.


This hairstyle also entails shaving the entire head. Only a short strip of hair is left behind in the middle.


The name means three Mohawks. As the name suggests, there are three spikes separated by a a gap of about two inches.


This type is the most casual and normal punk hairstyle. Gel is used to spike the hair. Colors such as bright purple and pink are used to dye the hair to create a shock effect.

Cue Ball

This a simple and easy hairstyle. The dyed hair is cut to a small length. Colors such as white and red can be used to dye the hair. The leopard print is especially popular for this hairstyle.

To look outstanding, you need to complement your shocking punk hairstyle with the right clothes, accessories and spunky attitude.

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