Meditation For Sleep

Are you one of those who toss and turn in bed every night unable to fall asleep easily? If you say yes, then this article is for you. Sleeplessness and insomnia are widely prevalent in today’s society because of our hectic lifestyle and the consequent physical and mental stress. This article reveals some useful meditation techniques for sleep.

Meditation Techniques for Sleep

Read on to learn a few useful meditation techniques that can help you fall asleep effortlessly every night. If your insomnia or sleeplessness still persists, consult a doctor.

Meditation Music

Listening to meditation music is a simple and effective way to fall asleep. The music should be soothing and soft. Perform a few simple breathing exercises to stabilize your breathing. This can de-stress you, making you relaxed and calm. Use a music player that has remote control or use headphones, so that you can turn off the music instantly when you start feeling sleepy.

Mental Imagery

When you are tucked in bed, do a few breathing exercises for relaxation. A relaxed mind aids vivid imagination. Now, imagine that you are in a calm, quiet place. This mental imagery can soothe and relax your tempest-tossed mind. Slowly, you will unwind physically and mentally. Before long, you will be deep asleep.

Awareness Technique

This technique can be practiced anywhere. Shut your eyes and sweep your body mentally from head to toe. Try to imagine the blood circulating through your body. Sweep your body methodically for sensations or lack of them. This technique can make you more aware of the incessant mental chatter in your mind. It will also relax you and help you get quality sleep at night.

Muscle Contraction and Relaxation

This is another simple and effective technique for sleep. Start by squeezing your toes for about ten seconds and then relax. Be aware of the sensation. Continue by squeezing and relaxing your body muscles. This technique can improve blood circulation and provide relief from daily stress.

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