Top 100 Traits Men Want in Women

Well, guys are not just looking for physical gratification. We too want some deep, substantial things from the other gender. No, we don’t want all the 100 traits on the list. Just 97 will suffice.


  1. Amazing smile

    A beautiful smile after a day’s hard work is all it takes to bust the stress.

  2. Warmth

    It makes us comfortable.

  3. Honesty 

    Better than faking “whatever”.

  4. Practical expectations

    Not expect us to punch 20 guys in a tuxedo (Reminds you of someone???)

  5. Great behind the wheels

    Drives us around in this horrendous traffic.

  6. Doesn’t ask us anything remotely about fashion

    We accept we are fashion challenged.

  7. Tells us what she wants

    If she wants us to call her, just say so.

  8. Doesn’t mind going Dutch

    It’s the women’s liberation, you see!!!

  9. Be comfortable in her own skin

    We want a real woman not a walking beauty product commercial.

  10. Tech Savvy

    We weren’t just referring to managing her Facebook account.

  11. julia-roberts

  12. No manipulation please

    We are simple creatures.

  13. Wise at shopping

    It is easy to splurge but difficult to spend “wisely”.

  14. Is not glued to the idiot box

    There are far better things to do than watch Ms. Winfrey.

  15. Understands that football is a religion

    And we can’t abandon our GODS.

  16. No hypocrisy

    How can she talk about gender equality and expect us to always pick the tab at the same moment???

  17. Forgives and forgets

    And not raise the topic every time we argue in the future.

  18. Trusts us

    Just because we check out every moving thing in skirt doesn’t mean we are not loyal to her.

  19. Patience

    She will need lots of it.

  20. Pampers us

    Remember we are just grown up kids.

  21. Listens

    We mean seriously listen to what we say.

  22. jigsaw-puzzle-scarlett-johansson

  23. Doesn’t ask our opinions

    If she has no intentions of using them.

  24. Takes things lightly

    Leaving the toilet seat up is not going to start a nuclear war (or is it???)

  25. Eats

    Not just salad but real meals.

  26. Simplicity

    It’s difficult to be simple.

  27. Some gray matter

    We know that women are capable of it.

  28. Adjusts

    Settles for pizza and beer if we don’t get caviar and champagne.

  29. Argues to find a solution and not to win

    Discussion means both the parties put forward their opinion.

  30. Calms us down

    We need her to cool our temper.

  31. Gives us a beautiful home

    We salute her home decor skills.

  32. No nagging

    That’s one thing every man finds irritating.

  33. Keira-Knightley-150x150

  34. Pleasant face

    No, we don’t want Ms. Jolie, Ms. Knightley will do.

  35. Not be jealous

    It doesn’t matter to us if she has her flaws and the other girl doesn’t.

  36. Confidence

    Self-assured personality is very attractive.

  37. Doesn’t read between the lines

    We mean exactly what we say.

  38. Hypnotic eyes

    Truly mesmerizing.

  39. Great hair

    To hide our face.

  40. Healthy and clean body

    After all, a goddess lives inside her.

  41. Takes important decisions herself

    like where to eat on the weekends.

  42. Trains the kids

    She is far better at it.

  43. Smells divine 

    We simply don’t know how to go about it.

  44. jennifer-aniston-picture-001-150x150

  45. Doesn’t ask questions we can’t answer

    – Eg: Do I have better hair than Jennifer Aniston?

  46. Makes us feel like the King of the world

    Only that way she can be our Queen.

  47. Experimental

    In every sense of the word. Think! Think!

  48. Adventurous

    Not afraid to jump off the Empire State building (Are we allowed to do that?)

  49. Sense of humor

    Life’s easy that way.

  50. Not force us to watch a rom com

    We want action, ladies!!!

  51. Does things for us

    Makes us feel special.

  52. Respects us

    Not because we are the so-called superior sex but because we are her equals.

  53. Not humiliate us in public

    Save that for private.

  54. Knows that we love her

    Without repeating it a thousand times.

  55. salma-hayek-large

  56. Takes care of the romance part

    We suck at it.

  57. Appreciates us

    We work better that way.

  58. Passionate

    What’s life without a little bit of passion?

  59. Has a soft, gentle voice

    We hate harsh, shrill, loud tone in females.

  60. Interesting

    How else can you hold our attention once the honeymoon period is over???

  61. Positive attitude

    Stop cribbing about the potholes, girl!!!

  62. Comfortable with her sexuality

    We love that.

  63. Speaks her mind

    Direct, to the point.

  64. Is ready for a between-the-sheets session all the time

    Well, almost.

  65. Surprises us

    We too love them.

  66. michelle-obama-large

  67. Does not cling to us

    Get a life, girl!!!

  68. Strong character

    Nothing can replace that.

  69. Intellectually stimulating

    We don’t prefer bimbos.

  70. Artistic

    It’s the fairer sex that inspires the great artists.

  71. Soft hands

    To caress our hair at night.

  72. Great cook

    Whoever said that the best way to a man’s heart is through stomach was a genius.

  73. Makes the first move

    We seriously don’t mind that.

  74. Does not put pressure on us

    We work better under pressure only at workplace.

  75. Loves us for what we are

    Please do not change us.

  76. Does not sulk for hours

    And waste so much time.

  77. Shakira7resize-150x150

  78. Doesn’t judge us

    We don’t feel comfortable.

  79. Great body

    We are visual beings.

  80. Multi-tasking

    We could never win at that.

  81. Caring

    Nature made her that way.

  82. Adaptable

    Changes with the wind.

  83. Ambition

    Even if it is to open a flower shop.

  84. Doesn’t criticize our Boys’ Night Out

    It’s a need.

  85. Not be a man

    Why should she???

  86. Femininity

    It makes us go weak in the knees.

  87. Not lie about her age

    Wine and women get better with age, and we love both.

  88. princessdiana

  89. Poise

    We do want Princess Diana at home.

  90. Makes a man out of the brute

    Only she can do that.

  91. Not be aggressive

    Her assertiveness should get things done.

  92. Takes decisions quickly

    Hurry up, girl decide blue dress or the red one.

  93. Gets ready in 10 minutes

    And still look ravishing.

  94. Can hold a conversation

    What else will we do once the love-making act is over?

  95. Doesn’t get worked up

    if she misses her beauty parlor appointment. We love her anyway.

  96. Has no qualms

    if we tell her that our mom is the best cook.

  97. Accepts our shortcomings

    Yes, we can’t cook, talk on the phone and take care of the baby all at the same time.

  98. Shouldn’t be a female chauvinist

    Remember equality?

  99. Teresa

  100. Does philanthropic work

    Shows she wants to give back to the society.

  101. No gossiping please

    We are not good at it.

  102. Earns more than us

    We too love to splurge without working too hard for it.

  103. Is a great kisser

    Nothing more passionate than that.

  104. Adorns manicured nails

    With the nail paint, of course.

  105. Is composed in a crisis

    With “This too shall pass” attitude!!!

  106. Meticulously organized

    Foresees the future and plans ahead.

  107. Gives us a wonderful massage

    Who needs a spa then???

  108. A child woman

    Maturity of a woman and innocence of a child.

  109. Makes our life colorful

    That’s why she was created, right????

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