How to Get a Girl’s Number

Today’s dating world is competitive and to get a girl’s number, you need to compete with many others. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of how you talk to a girl who seems interested in you. This article reveals useful tips to help you

get a girl’s number.

Groom Yourself Well

You should take care to groom yourself well before you approach a girl. The reality is not everybody looks like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. But, you can make the effort to get a great hair cut, polish your shoes and dab on fragrant cologne. In fact, research reveals that a good-smelling cologne attracts women. So, ensure you look and smell your best when you approach a girl for her number.

Be Confident

You should look confident when you approach a girl. Your body language should be positive. Do not think about the past, if you have been rejected by other girls. Keep your mind on the present moment and walk and talk confidently to her. Remember to smile brightly.

Make Small Talk

Do not get nervous in the girl’s presence. Talk about something general and break the ice. You can practice before the mirror before venturing out. Just ask about her day or how she is doing. If the response is positive you can take the next step and either ask for her number or give her yours. If she is not interested, do not be dejected. There are plenty of other fish in the pond.

Flirting Can Help

If polite conversation doesn’t seem to be taking you anywhere, you can flirt a bit. Crack a few jokes, pull her leg and throw in some compliments. Such flirting will liven up the conversation and help you stand out from the crowd.

Try a Few Pick-up Lines

If a pretty girl catches your eye somewhere, you can try a few pick-up lines. This may seem a cheesy method to get attention, but it may just work. So, browse the Internet and note down some cheesy pick-up lines that may come in handy some day.

Call Her

Getting the girl’s number is the just the first step. When you call her she may be interested in talking to you or reject you flatly. In either case, remember to talk politely. Do not feel dejected and rejected if she does not show any interest. Keep your hopes afloat as the journey is more important than the destination. Keep practicing till you become perfect in the art of dating.

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