Dating on Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful website for social networking. There are hundreds of profiles of eligible young women. So, it is ideal for finding a date. This article reveals a few useful tips for successful dating on Facebook.

Girls on Facebook

You may come across many interesting and eligible female profiles on Facebook. Some of them could be:

  • She studies in your college. But, you are too shy or panicky to meet her face to face. Facebook is an ideal option to break the ice.
  • She is a friend of your friend. You have perused through her ‘mutual friends list’. You can go ahead and send this girl a friend request. You can ask the mutual friend all about this special girl’s interests.
  • You met this girl at a bar and then forgot all about her. Now, you have traced her on Facebook.
  • She may be a girl you once saw at a party and were blown by her looks. You even spent sleepless nights mulling about her.
  • She may be working in the same office as you. But, you think it would be better if you introduce yourself on Facebook first.

She Should Know You

It is imperative that the girl either knows you or remembers you from somewhere. This is important because she will usually not trust strangers. Therefore, send her a request to accept you as a friend. If she asks for an introduction, introduce yourself and add that you have read about her interests and hobbies, and think that she would be a great person to get to know.

Be a Creative Chatter

After the initial ice breaking is over, you two may begin to chat. This is the opportunity to express your creativity. Be funny and interesting and make her wish to meet you in person. Be original and honest, as you don’t want to be found out when you meet in person later.

More Tips for Facebook Chatting

Respect her privacy and do not poke too much into her personal life. Keep yourself up to date on her favorite movies, likes and dislikes. Initially, stick to chatting on the Internet. Once you have established a comfort zone, you can take the bold step and ask her out for coffee or a movie. Never show that you are desperate. The important thing is to have fun at all times. Here’s to your success.

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