How Women Test Men

You may think that you have a lot of emotional and social intelligence, just because you have dated a lot of girls. But, when it comes to social intelligence and heart issues, women always have the upper hand. Your girl may be acting strange and doing things which she does not normally do. If you are wondering what she is up to, the answer is she may just be testing you. So, read on to learn more about how women test men.

Why do Women Test Men?

Listed below are a few reasons why women usually test their men:

  • Women want to know the real you
  • They wish to know whether you are emotionally strong or a pushover
  • Women need reassurance that their man is strong enough to stand by them at all times
  • They wish to know if you have the guts to commit
  • Finally, women test men to know if they can be trusted

Passing the Tests

If you really love your girl, then you should be game for any test. Women test their guy regarding several aspects such as trust, attention and loyalty. Read on to learn how you can pass your woman’s tests.

The Loyalty Test

Sometimes, women may feel insecure regarding their relationship. So, they conduct the loyalty test on men. Do not be surprised or get irritated if your girl bombards you with calls asking such questions as “Where are you?” and “What are you doing right now?”. Be honest with her and use humor to calm her down, and lighten the situation. Do not get frustrated and start venting your anger at her. Your girl would become suspicious and that can be a real problem.

The Attention Test

Women need the reassurance that you will always be there to lend an ear to their concerns. So, your girl may interrupt your reading or TV watching, with seemingly inane questions. She is testing whether you are paying full attention to her. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So, understand this ruse and pay attention to her when she is talking you.

The Ogling Test

Your girl may judge your reaction if a pretty girl passes by both of you. Act cool, and just glance at the pretty passerby. Then, return your gaze back to your girl’s eyes. If you ogle at the pretty girl or stare unabashedly at her, your woman would definitely unsheathe her daggers.


The above are just a few time-tested methods by which a woman judges whether a man is the right guy for her. Do not take anything for granted. Understand your girl and think beforehand the type of tests she may have in store for you. A little common sense and some presence of mind is all that is required to pass these tests and win over your girl forever!

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