Blind Date Tips for Men

Love is blind so who knows the girl you meet on a blind date could turn out to be the right one for you. A blind date may seem daunting even to guys. But, just chill! A blind date could just provide you the opportunity to meet a great girl, if you are lucky. But, you may also need to take some precautions. So, read on to learn some useful blind date tips for men.

Choosing a Location

Since you are going to meet a stranger, choose a popular public place. It could be a restaurant, mall or coffee shop. The location need not be romantic as this is the first time you are meeting her. Choose a place that is familiar to you, as this may make you feel more comfortable.

Getting There

You should preferably go to the blind date in your own vehicle. This will be an advantage if she asks you drop her after the date. Besides, if the blind date turns sour, you can spend some time getting over it in the privacy of your car.

Dressing Up

You need to make a good first impression. So, avoid flashy clothes. The key to good dressing is wearing clothes that are simple, sober and yet sophisticated.

What To Do

Once the date starts, you may wonder what to do or talk. Since the girl is a stranger, adopt a casual yet polite tone and get to know her hobbies, likes and dislikes. Do not try to dominate the conversation, but listen intently to her words. Do not become defensive or offensive and stay cool. Keep the conversation light and casual and avoid discussing burning topics, as this is just your first date with her.

Who Should Pay?

Ideally, the expenses should be shared on a blind date. If she tries to pass on the bill to you, it is not a good sign. In these times of women’s liberation, your ideal girl will definitely foot her share of the bill.

The End

The end of a blind date can be awkward. But, do not forget to thank her. Do not reveal your personal opinions about her. If she does not give you her number or suggest another date, do not be disappointed. There are plenty of other fish in the big pond.

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