How Women Flirt

Your favorite girl twirls her curls, rotates her eyes while speaking and her eyes gleams when she smiles. You are hooked, but is she interested in you? Women can be complicated and you need special skills to decipher their flirting. This article reveals intriguing information about why and how women flirt.

Why Women Flirt

If a woman wants to be with you, she’ll definitely use the tactic of flirting. Women can be attracted to men who are hard to approach or play hard to get. They will try to come closer by attracting your attention. Some women may just be trying to get your attention. Women like most of us, want to be noticed and wanted. So, they flirt to attract male admirers.

Another reason why women flirt is insecurity. They may need to reassure themselves that they are still attractive. This is especially applicable after a break-up. In this situation, women want to reassure themselves that they can still catch ‘good fish’. So, they may spend much effort in prettying themselves. All this to attract as many eligible men as possible.

How Women Flirt

Many men confess it is beyond their ability to decipher women and their mysterious mannerisms. Even if a woman likes you, she will not make it obvious. And, to make matters worse, if she is not your fan, she will not frankly ask you to take a hike. So, how do you decipher if a woman is flirting to come closer or just trying to be nice? Read on to learn a few clues as to how women flirt.

She is Staring Straight at Me!

She stares straight at you though you are narrating a boring story (but you think it is a mind-boggling tale). When you try to stare back, she breaks contact to focus on her Pina Colada! Don’t sweat, she is definitely giving you a sign!

Dresses at Her Best!

Every time you both meet she is at her sexiest best dressed in short skirts, high-inducing top and with perfect makeup. This means she wants to be noticed by you and of course admired!

She Gets Physically Closer!

She initiates physical contact, touching your hand as you talk, whispering in your ear, and leaning on your shoulder at the theater. She also reserves a soft tone especially for you. Congrats! She feels secure, confident and comfortable in your presence. You can now relax and be at your charming best to further deepen her attraction.

She Gives You Plenty of Compliments!

She starts complimenting you on every little thing. She loves your talking style, chivalry and even your average looks! This means she is definitely hooked and wants to consider you as a life partner.

So, now you are an expert at deciphering women’s mysterious flirting signs. Now, you can start looking at girls with fresh eyes to find out if anybody is really interested in you. Happy dating and best of luck!

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