Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga was formulated by yoga guru Bikram Choudhury and hence is also called Bikram yoga. It involves doing yoga in a heated up room. As a result, the body sweats profusely in the wilting heat. Notwithstanding skeptics and orthodox yoga aficionados, hot yoga is becoming increasingly popular because of its numerous benefits. This article reveals the various benefits of hot yoga.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga provides faster results compared to regular yoga. This is the main reason for its increasing popularity. Read on to learn more benefits of hot yoga:

Weight Loss

Hot yoga aids in quicker weight loss. Performing strenuous yoga poses in a heated environment helps the practitioner burn more calories quickly as the metabolism rate is increased. This increased metabolism makes you burn calories even when you are resting. As a result, hot yoga is known to result in quicker weight loss.


Hot yoga tones your body by stretching it to the limit. This stretching increases your body’s flexibility and makes you less vulnerable to injuries.


Hot yoga produces oodles of sweat through which the body gets rid of harmful toxins. Hot yoga also dilates the body’s capillaries, increasing oxygen flow to all parts.

Increases Immunity

Hot yoga increases the temperature of your body, which strengthens your immune system’s ability to tackle disease and infection. Detoxification due to hot yoga also has a beneficial impact on your body’s immune system.

More Energy

Hot yoga energizes your body, helping it to tackle even stressful situations with calmness and composure.

Skin Benefits

Hot yoga benefits the skin also. The profuse sweating and detoxification due to hot yoga can make your skin blemish-free and flawless.

Mind Power

Hot yoga increases concentration, focus and will power. Your will power is enhanced as you have to perform yoga in sweaty, hot conditions. All these mental benefits also increase the brain’s functioning capacity.


After a session of hot yoga, you will feel calm and good about yourself. There is a sense of achievement and pride in performing yoga poses in a heated room.

Spiritual Benefits

Hot yoga not only benefits you physically, but also spiritually. You start becoming more spiritually and emotionally aware. All pent up frustrations and emotions are let out gradually. With regular hot yoga practice, you will get more serenity and peace of mind.

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