Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness means being fully aware of the present moment, without worrying about the past or being fearful of the future. Mindfulness exercises serve to increase your mind’s power and ability to deal with the task at hand. If you perform your present tasks with mindful awareness, the future will take care of itself. So, here are a few useful mindfulness exercises that can enrich and fulfill your life.

Mindfulness Exercises

These exercises teach you to tune into your inner self. You can learn to let go of distractions, think clearly, concentrate better and increase your mind power. So, get cracking and learn a few easy mindfulness exercises today.

Easy Mindfulness Exercises

When you start feeling stressed, stop your actions and start watching your mind carefully. The cause for your stress may be fear, worry, pain or just an argument with somebody. Notice how your mind reacts to this situation. Such self-observation is important. Initially, it may seem difficult. But, with practice you will become aware of the numerous thoughts that keep your monkey mind chattering and busy.

Dealing With Stress

Slowly, take stock of the situation. As the Zen Buddhists say, do one thing at a time. Apologize to the person you argued with. Make that important phone call now. Make a list of activities that need to be done. And, if you do not have anything important to do right now, just take a few deep breaths and relax. This will improve you concentration and mind power, and give you peace of mind.

Another Mindfulness Exercise

  • Sit comfortably in a relaxed pose
  • Close your eyes, breathe normally and notice your breath coming in and going out
  • Then, sweep your body from head to toe, noting sensations such as soreness, tightness, pain, heat and cold
  • After some time, start becoming aware of the various sounds around you
  • Maintain the awareness of your body and breath
  • After ten minutes, open your eyes
  • Start noticing various objects in the room without thinking about them
  • Stay aware of your body, breath and external sounds
  • You can end this mindfulness session after a few minutes

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • You are completely in the present moment
  • Your mind becomes receptive and clear as mental distractions are reduced
  • Your concentration, focus and brain power improves

You have spent your time wisely learning some useful mindfulness exercises. But, the key is regular practice. So, start your mindfulness sessions today to gain the above mentioned benefits.

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