How to Impress a Girl

You have just chanced upon a girl who you think would be perfect for you. But, you are at a loss about how to talk to her and impress her. Well, you have come to the right place for advice. This article will tell you all about

how to impress a girl.

How to Impress a Girl

Impressing a girl is not rocket science. Get your basics right and half the job is done. First, learn some catchy pick-up lines. Treat the girl and her friends with respect and affection. Give her your full attention while conversing with her. Chivalry is not dead, so open the door for her. Read on to learn more suggestions about how to impress a girl:

Dress Well

Women pay a lot of attention to their outfits. So naturally, they will want you to wear good clothes as well. Take tips from your men and women friends as to which outfit to choose when meeting your girl. The main thing is you should feel comfortable in your clothes and be able to carry them off with elan.

Good Hygiene

It is a myth that women like sweaty men. So, for heaven’s sake don’t go to meet your girl unshaven, smelly and in bad clothes. The grunge look is dead and gone. Pay minute attention to your clothes, hair, nails and body odor before embarking on your date with the girl. Good hygiene will definitely impress her.


Cool and confident does it. Stay calm and cool even if something goes haywire when you meet your girl. Modesty is also a desirable virtue. So, don’t brag about your deeds, imaginary or real. Be nice to everybody including the parking valets, waiters, etc. Girls also like a guy with a good sense of humor. So, stay cool and relaxed and crack some witty one-liners to keep her hooked.

Smooth Talk

Do not use bad language or become emotional when meeting your girl. A glib tongue is definitely an advantage. If you are a shy guy, practise in front of the mirror and perfect your lines before venturing out on the date. Talk smoothly, but honestly. Do not lavish her with false praise, but if she really is pretty, compliment her with a true heart.

Be True to Yourself

Most importantly, be true to your real self. All these tips serve to enhance your personality, but you do not have to act like somebody that you are not. Honesty is definitely the best policy. So, be yourself and give the date your best shot. If she is your type, congrats! But, if you are not lucky, do not worry, there are plenty of other fish in the big pond.

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