What is Speed Dating?

Nowadays, fast food and fad diets are becoming increasingly popular. So, it’s not surprising that a concept such as speed dating is catching the attention of youngsters. Not everybody has the time or inclination to spend a lifetime searching for their perfect match. For such people, speed dating is a boon. Read on to learn all about

speed dating.

What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating events facilitate guys and girls to meet a number of potential partners in a limited period of time. At a speed dating event, you are given a particular number and asked to sit at a table. As the event begins, you can start talking to the girl opposite you. You can continue the conversation till the bell rings. Then, you should shift to another girl.

If you are interested in a girl or girls, you need to note down their number and some personal details.
Then, you should register with the event organizer to obtain more information about your potential dates. Many people criticize speed dating as they think a few minutes are not enough to get know a person. But, there are also many speed dating aficionados who vouch for its effectiveness.

Speed Dating Tips

  • Dress well to make a good first impression. Wear a great perfume to attract girls.
  • Learn to flirt well as this can be an asset. If you really like a girl, flash her your best smile and make eye contact while speaking with her.
  • Prepare your questions beforehand to save time. Add humor to your conversations to break the ice.
  • Reveal your true personality while talking to the girls. Do not put on a make-believe persona.
  • If you manage to get further dates with a girl, go slow during these dates. If you appear pushy, she can be turned off. So, take it slow and easy.
  • Last but not the least, whatever happens, have fun! If nothing else, you will learn to lose your inhibitions and enjoy yourself in the midst of a bevy of girls.

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