Understanding Women

Are you mystified by women? Do you think they are impossible to understand? If your answers are yes, read on to learn some useful tips about

understanding women.

God’s Gift to Men

Women are indeed God’s gift to men. They are enigmatic, but beautiful. Women are characterized by care, love, grace and beauty. They have an innate ability to change roles swiftly and share responsibilities. They are experts at multi-tasking as they can play the roles of a wife, friend, sister, daughter and mother with ease. It is not hard to understand women, if you care to try. Like all of us, they want love, care, integrity and kindness. Read more to learn how to go about

understanding women.

Women Like to Communicate

It is hard to find a quiet woman, as most are gregarious. So, you need to cultivate your listening skills. Give your lady love the assurance that she need not hesitate to be frank with you. If you can help her shed her inhibitions, she will start communicating with you openly. This will help you understand her clearly.

Women Want Security

Most women need to feel secure. So you should be confident and strong to take charge of the relationship. Do not appear indecisive and wavering. Your partner should fee secure emotionally, physically, financially and socially. More than good looks, this aspect of your personality is important.

Women Want Romance

Romance is not all about sex. It means kisses, affectionate hugs, care and cuddling. So, make her feel at home emotionally and physically by romancing her every day.

Women Want Appreciation

Even a good-looking woman may feel slightly insecure about her looks and clothes. So, many women want constant appreciation and validation. You need to compliment her on her clothes and looks as often as possible. Appreciate her natural beauty to make her feel confident. Everybody likes to be appreciated, so do not hold back your compliments.

Women Want Respect

Everybody likes to be respected. So be caring and kind to her, and tell her you need her love and attention too. Never take your woman for granted. Male chivalry has not become obsolete. So, respect her decisions and all that she stands for.

Women Like to Stay In Control

Leave the home-making decisions to your woman. Women like to stay in control, so if your lady love says no to wearing shoes inside the house, or bringing the puppy into the bedroom, respect her decisions. Make her the boss of the house and let her take decisions with confidence. Such give and take is the hallmark of a healthy relationship.


Understanding women need not be complicated. The above tips are a few basic guidelines to help you. Women are not complex creatures, they just need some understanding and tolerance, as everybody else. Wish you a happy relationship!

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