Dating After Divorce

After a divorce, it is natural for men to feel down and out. But, as the late great Dicky Fox said in the Hollywood movie Jerry Maguire, “Roll with the punches, tomorrow is a new day”. So, perk up as not every relationship has a sad ending. You can overcome your divorce and meet your dream girl, only if you start dating again. Read on to learn some useful tips about dating after divorce.

Dating After Divorce: Useful Tips

If you have had a rough break-up, you may be hesitant to commit yourself to another relationship. But, you do not have to hate the rose just because of a single thorn. Forget what happened in the past, and begin anew. Let bygones be bygones. If nothing, the bitter experience will help you to live in the present, without undue thoughts about the past or future. Read on to learn more useful advice on dating after divorce.

When to Start

This is an important question. It is good to cool off after the divorce heat. Do not jump into dating as an escape from your mental troubles. You would only be replacing one complication with another. Also, don’t go hunting for one-night stands or short-term relationships after your divorce. Give yourself some time to think and recover from your divorce, then start dating.

Do Positive Things

A good way to get over your divorce is to focus on the positive. Join a gym and make yourself fitter. Get a new haircut and wardrobe to improve your looks. Spend some time reflecting and contemplating to fortify yourself spiritually. Doing these things will rejuvenate you and you will be at your best physically and mentally when you start dating again.

Socialize More Often

Many recently divorced men start hitting the bar and drink too much alcohol, as a way of getting over their ex. This kind of escapism can only cause harm. To get over your ex, start socializing more openly. To start with, socialize with your friends and dear ones. Then, you can cast the net wider and meet new people. Such socializing will bolster your confidence, and you will be encouraged to start dating again.

Don’t Talk About Your Divorce

When you meet a suitable woman while dating, don’t spoil it by being a crybaby. Just tell her that you are divorced, but don’t go into the minute details. Instead, pay attention to your new woman by being genuine, chivalrous and funny. Be at your best behavior and listen to her with attention. If she is divorced too, don’t pester her about it. Everybody goes through tough times, so understand that you are not unique.

Don’t Repeat Past Mistakes

Many men look for women whose qualities resemble their ex. Then, they complain about failed relationships. Before you start dating, make up your mind about the type of women you like. If you come across such a woman, then woo her with earnest. Let your divorce be a good learning experience. Try to avoid women with similar qualities as your ex to save yourself more disappointments.


The above tips are applicable to both men and women. The bottom-line is that you should be ready for dating after divorce with an open mind, and without any past baggage. When you are open to a new relationship, you will give it your best shot. This will increase your chances of finding and keeping the right girl for you.

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