What Attracts Women

If you haven’t had too much success at dating women, you could be employing the wrong tactics. To woo women successfully, you first need to understand what attracts them. This article gives you valuable tips that will help you know

what attracts women


What Attracts Women

Make a mental note of the following points, as they point out some essential guidelines that will help you become a chick magnet:


You don’t have to look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt to attract beautiful women. The first important thing in the art of seduction is to look neat and well-groomed. Bathe daily, brush and floss every day, keep your nails trimmed and look neat always. A well-groomed man is much more attractive to women than an unshaved one with disheveled clothes.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to attract women. But, at least read the newspaper every day and keep yourself up to date with the latest news around the world. A keen intellect and presence of mind will enable you to engage in interesting conversations with your dream date. Add a dash of humor and you will have a personality that women would die for!

Body Language

Slouched shoulders and a frown are a big no-no for women. Look and feel confident, and smile pleasantly at women. To maintain that that trim and upright look, you can hit the gym to tone your muscles. A man with confident body language can attract women as they would feel reassured with him.


Chivalry is not dead yet. So, don’t be shy to hold the door or pull the chair out for your woman. A chivalrous man indicates that he has a large heart and is considerate of others. These qualities will definitely attract the right woman.

Be Friendly

An open and engaging relationship with a woman is more fulfilling than a mere physical one. So, try to be good friends with her. Open your heart and talk about your likes. Leave your dislikes and pet peeves aside, as you don’t want to sound depressed. Capture her heart by being friendly. Listen to her with attention and she’ll let her friends know what a man you are!


You can wear a masculine yet subtle cologne when you go to meet your woman. This will tell her that you care about smelling good, which is a sign of good grooming. But, ensure that you don’t go over the top and floor her with a strong perfume.

Be Yourself

You don’t have to copy matinee idols to attract women. Fakes are always caught out sooner or later. So, use the above tips to enhance your personality and turn on your charms. If you are genuine, warm and original, women will definitely respond to your charms.

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