How to be a Good Boyfriend

You are in love with the most wonderful girl. And, she reciprocates your feelings. Winning the heart of your dream girl is only half the battle. The real test is keeping the relationship alive, kicking and flourishing. Read on to learn valuable tips about how to be a good boyfriend.

Be a Good Friend

First, your girl should believe and trust in you as a good friend. She should feel confident to share everything with you and not worry about anything. So, you should let her know that you will be with her through thick and thin. It is easy being a fair weather friend. But, the real test is to stand by her when she is going through testing times. During such periods, whisper comforting words in her ear and give her a warm hug to help her overcome the blues.

Remain Committed

A common relationship-buster is infidelity or cheating. Other girls may be prettier or smarter, but your true love is for your girlfriend. So, do not let mere looks or other superficial attractions of other girls affect your one true relationship. If you show you are committed to her, she will start trusting you at all times.

Communicate Your Feelings

Effective communication is the key to any successful relationship. Understand that there will be times when there are misunderstandings. But, such hiccups can be overcome by free and frank communication. Don’t crib about her to others, but share your woes with her. She should also feel confident to reveal her innermost feelings about you to you. Only free and frank communication can build such a deep trust.

Make Her Feel Special

Your girl should feel on top of the world that she is your girlfriend. So, pamper her now and then with chocolates, flowers and soft toys. The gifts need not be expensive, but should come straight from your heart. Use your creative abilities and gift her items that she will cherish and look forward to.

Love Through Gestures

Mere words are not enough to convey love and affection. So, give her a warm hug and gently caress her hair during intimate moments. While speaking to her, use a soft and loving tone to soothe her senses. Your sweet voice and thoughtful gestures can do wonders to your love relationship.

Respect Her Individuality

Love can sometimes make a man possessive about his woman. Try to avoid this pitfall. Respect her individuality and understand that she will come into contact with other men now and then. At these times, do not let jealousy rear its ugly head. Respect her privacy and personal space. Sometimes, she may just wish to be alone to brood over something personal. Understand this need and let her be. Show her that your heart is as big and infinite as the universe.


A healthy relationship is not built on crass materialism, but needs the foundation of deep trust and genuine love. Your loving relationship should be strong enough to withstand the vagaries of time and circumstance. Best of luck in trying to implement the above suggestions.

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