How to Ask a Girl Out

You have zeroed in on your dream girl and she also seems attracted to you. Now, you have to take the bold step of asking her out. Many men get butterflies in their stomach when faced with this task. What if she says no? What if it ruins our friendship? These are natural thoughts in a man’s mind. Read on to learn subtle yet effective ways

to ask a girl out

which will give you a win-win situation either way.

How to Ask a Girl Out

There is no sure-shot successful way to ask a girl out. Each girl may respond in a different manner to your overtures. But, if you take care to approach her with concern and love, she will definitely appreciate it. Some girls may say no. Don’t be disheartened. You will definitely find a girl who suits you. Keep trying these sweet and effective tips to ask a girl out.

Music Can Tame the Beast!

Ask about her taste in music and gift them to her. Most girls like mushy, romantic songs. So, you can compile the most romantic songs of all time and gift them to her. Music can put her in the right mood to respond to your overture.

Dedicate a Song!

Dedicate a song to her on the radio. Ensure that she is listening to the dedication. This gesture can melt even an ice-maiden. If she is touched, she will call you immediately and you can take it forward from there. So, get a clue as to her favorite songs and dedicate one of them to her on air.

Write a Letter!

In today’s world of emails and instant messaging, the written word has lost its charm. But, a well-crafted and romantic love letter can touch your dream girl’s heart. So, take some time out and compose a love letter expressing your true feelings. You don’t have to use cliches, just be honest and tell her about your love. A word of caution: never use a text message or phone call to ask her out.

Be Original!

Many men are self-conscious and worry about the impact of their personality on their dream girl. So, they may try to fake a more macho and attractive persona (so they think!). Such attempts at faking will definitely be exposed sooner or later. So, be original, honest and genuine about yourself.
Give her your true self and wait for the response. If she is not impressed, do not fret, there are many other attractive fish in the big pond.


The above are just a few useful tips to break the ice. Once you start dating a girl, you will learn more about her likes and dislikes. This will help you decide if she can be your soul mate for this life. So, get cracking and build up your confidence to ask your dream girl out soon.

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