How to Get the Girl You Want

You have identified a girl who you think is your dream girl. Now, how do you get her, hopefully forever? Many men get butterflies in their stomach when they try to propose to a girl. This article reveals effective ways on

how to get the girl you want.

How to Get the Girl You Want

The first and most useful tip is to be yourself. A false persona will be caught out sooner or later. Then, the girl will forever think you are a fake. Read on to learn effective ways to get the girl you want:

Be Realistic

First, ensure that the girl is in your league and suitable for you. Don’t fall for a girl just because she is beautiful or rich. Ensure you have common interests that will make her a wonderful soulmate. If you have not yet talked to her, first try to create a friendship. Once you get to know her better, you can ponder your next move.

Make a Good Impression

Your girl should think highly of you. To create this impression, you need to be well-behaved, controlled and confident at all times. Male chivalry is much appreciated by many women. Even if you are not a handsome hunk, you can still win over girls with your charm, good manners and large heart.

Dress Smartly

Dressing and looking good are important. A well-groomed man is always attractive to women. You need not wear flashy clothes or sport big biceps. Just ensure to dress simple and clean. You should be comfortable in your clothes and carry them off well. Be hygienic and wear a good cologne to attract her. To tone your body and muscles you can practise yoga or go to a gym.

Communicate Effectively

You need not be gregarious or talkative to win over a girl. But, you should learn to communicate sweetly and effectively. Always use a soft and sweet tone when talking to her. Also, be a good listener. If your girl pours her heart out to you, don’t yawn or look bored. Listen attentively and offer good solutions. Read the newspaper daily to stay in touch with current affairs. Don’t look like a dumb dodo in front of your dream girl. Effective communication can easily win over your girl’s heart.

Be Genuine

Your love for her should be genuine and true. Don’t flatter her for ulterior motives. Your romance should progress naturally from acquaintance to friendship to true love. Don’t just tell her you love her, but show it in your deeds too. Your love for her should be strong and true enough to stand like a rock even through testing times.


You gave it your best shot, but still did not get the girl. Don’t worry, at least you are wiser for the experience. Try again and who knows this time you might hit the jackpot. As the saying goes, there are plenty of pretty fish in the big ocean.

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