How to Get a Girlfriend

You may be super-confident and super-garrulous among your male friends. But, are you able to hit it off with girls as well? Many men become tongue-tied or start blabbering when approaching a girl. This article is for such clueless men. Read on to learn useful tips about how to get a girlfriend.

Talk to Girls!

If you are tongue-tied in the presence of women, then you need practice. So, from today, start talking to as many girls as you can. You need not approach total strangers. Start with your colleagues or classmates. Be open and friendly to reassure women that you do not have any ulterior motives. As you begin to know women better, you can zoom in on a suitable girl.

Get out there!

Staying at home or the library all the time will not get you a dreamgirl. You need to hit the places that girls frequent. If you are not the type who likes singles bars, you can join a hobby class or gym. Online dating is another option. Be ready to mingle to get rid of your single status.

Flirting Can Be Fun!

Women are seldom attracted to serious and boring men. So, let down your hair, and add charm and humor to your personality. Light flirting can break the ice with most girls. So, don’t be too serious, but come across as a laidback and approachable guy. Flirting in a harmless and funny way can help you attract many women.

Be a Funny Man!

A good sense of humor is a great plus for any man. Most women like guys who can make them laugh out loud. So, be creative and make up puns and jokes while conversing with a girl. Do not repeat the same funny stories, but stock up continually on new ones. Come across as a guy who can guarantee a good time with your sense of humor.

Be Chivalrous!

Women’s lib is alive and kicking in the 21st century. Yet, male chivalry is not history. So, do those little helpful things that will show your girl that you have a large and considerate heart. Doing little things such as pulling back chairs or opening doors will tell a girl that you care for her.

Don’t be Desperate!

Never look desperate or needy for a girlfriend. Let your romance develop at its own sweet pace. A girlfriend is not a status symbol. So, don’t hanker for a girlfriend just for the sake of it. You should choose a girl depending on whether she can be your soulmate forever. Romancing a girl just to kill time or because it is a popular fad, is just a waste of time and effort.

Spark Her Attraction!

If you believe you want to take the next step with a girl you know, then let her know about it. Give her subtle hints and let her make up her mind. Make sure that you do not approach her too strongly. Give her your best and let her make the decision.


Be patient and select a girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. Do not settle for the first available girl. Remember that dating is not an end in itself but a means to happy and fulfilling relationship.

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