How to Ask a Girl to Prom


Most importantly, whatever you do, look confident and considerate and you will surely meet with success. As prom nears, many guys get nervous thinking about asking the cute girl in class to the prom. She may be sending signals that she would welcome an invitation, so how do you ask her out to the prom?

The following are a few simple but effective ways you can use to ask your dream girl to attend the prom with you:

Ask it with a T-shirt
This is a simple but effective tactic. Buy a plain white t-shirt and write your invitation on the front of it. Wear the shirt and wait for her outside of class, by her locker, or by her car after school. It might be fun to see how long it takes her to read your shirt! This is a novel tactic and is sure to make her smile.

Buy Her Flowers
This is an old-fashioned method, but still works. Buy your girl a bouquet of flowers and add a note asking her out to the prom. It’s a sweet, classic gesture that is sure to touch her heart.

Use a Fortune Cookie
First, ask her out for a date at a Chinese restaurant. Treat her to a sumptuous meal and at the end hand over a fortune cookie. Ensure that the message in the cookie sweetly asks her out to the prom. This romantic and touching gesture will impress her enough to say yes.

A Simple Invitation
If you are too shy to ask her in person, you can use this tactic. Write her a simple note asking her out to the prom and add your name. To spice things up, along with note, gift her a romantic greeting card and a box of her favorite chocolates. This generous invitation will definitely make her think favorably about you and your request.

Asking a girl out to the prom doesn’t need to be a nerve-wracking ritual. You can make it funny, romantic and interesting by using any of the above-mentioned creative ideas.

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