Does She Love Me?

Does she love me

You think a girl likes you, but you are not sure whether she loves you. How do you find out for sure? Women are secretive beings who can be hard to decipher. Don’t take the plunge and assume for sure that she loves you. You might end up ruining a good friendship. Take it easy and read on to learn answers to the question Does She Love Me?

She is Always There For You

Most women are good listeners. If your girl truly love yous, she would be patient and listen attentively while you pour out your woes. No matter how boring or angry you may be, she will always be there for you, lending a sympathetic ear. This attitude shows she cares for you and wants to share your triumphs and trials alike. It is a positive sign that she loves you dearly.

She Supports You

Women taking to nurturing naturally. If your girl supports your dreams and career aspirations, it is a good sign. Suppose you have to leave town for a couple of months for business reasons, how does she respond? If she is indifferent or asks you to
cancel the trip, it is not a good omen. If your girl truly loves you, she would understand you career goals and stand by you through thick and thin. Therefore, if you find her nurturing and caring, then she truly loves you.

Walks the Extra Mile

Even friends do not willingly walk the extra mile for anybody. But, if your girl is willing to do so, it is a positive sign. How does she respond when you need help? For example, you may be sick, or need help with an assignment. Does she respond positively and helps you out during these dire times? If yes, it is indeed a sure sign that she loves you with all her heart.


If a girl truly loves you, she will let you know that she trusts you with all her heart. Women usually take a long time to truly trust a man. So, if she starts sharing her life story and minute matters with you, it is a positive sign that she indeed loves you truly.

Meeting Her Parents

If she invites you to meet her parents, it is a definite sign that she loves you and wants you to be her soulmate. By doing this, she wants to strengthen her bond with you and let you know that you are the chosen one for her. Put your mind at rest and be reassured that she indeed loves you.

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