How to Talk to Women

How to Talk to Women

Most men are afraid of rejection. So, they are hesitant to strike up a conversation even though they may find a woman attractive. But, if you have good communication skills, women will definitely respond positively. This will give you greater confidence to approach women. This article reveals useful tips on

how to talk to women.

How to Talk to Women

Practice makes perfect .Even if you slip up once or twice, you are better off for the experience.In time, you’ll learn how to impress women with your glib talk. Read on to learn how to talk to women in various situations.

Talking to Women in Bars

Bars are a great place to find social women. When you see an attractive woman, do not stare at her as it will put her off. Just give her a few appreciative glances. Allow her to get a good look at you. Notice her drink and offer to buy her another. Be yourself and talk naturally. Compliment her looks and clothes. Don’t look over-confident or desperate. Follow these tips and you are sure to get her number.

Talking to Women at the Gym

Gyms are a great place to find fit and fun girls. If you notice an attractive girl, smile at her and say hi! If she responds positively, you can start a conversation. Keep it light and easy and talk about general things. If the going is good, ask her out for coffee.

Talking to Women at Work

Office romance needs to be handled with kid gloves because if things go awry, the repercussions can even affect your career. But, office is perhaps the best place to find your soulmate. You are with women all day long, and you get to know them inside out. If you find a woman co-worker attractive, approach her cautiously, but with confidence. You can converse with her during lunch or coffee breaks. Talk about general stuff and offer to drop her home after work. Even if she responds positively, keep the dating during weekends or after working hours.


Cupid could strike anywhere, in the street, park, at work or in a bar. Be alert and open to opportunities. With the above tips, you will feel confident to approach your dreamgirl. Go ahead and make your day!

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