How to Approach Women


Many men behave strangely when they try to approach a woman they like. Some men stare at the girl as if she is a strange specimen. Others smile sheepishly and are unable to utter a single word. Some bravehearts muster up the courage to walk up to the woman, but they ruin it all by using weird or cheesy pickup lines. For such clueless men, this article reveals useful tips about

how to approach women.

How to Approach Women

Approaching women need not be a nerve-wracking task. Even if you fail a few times, you can still enjoy the experience. So, read on to learn how to approach women:

  • Be very self-confident when you approach the woman. Your body language should be positive. Feel confident about your talents and abilities. This will give you a natural boost.
  • Always make your move when you feel most confident. If you hesitate, you may start becoming tense and lose confidence. Also, if you keep staring and do nothing else, she may think you are a stalker.
  • Start talking to her about her job, hobbies and interests. When talking to her, do not stare blankly at her. This will make her uncomfortable and she may pull out of the conversation.
  • Never be desperate to get her number. Let the conversation proceed at a natural pace, and let her volunteer to exchange numbers. You should focus on making a good impression, which can later lead to friendship.
  • Don’t force yourself on her. Try to win her trust by acting graciously and showing chivalry. Compliment her genuinely about her looks and thank her for agreeing to spend time with you. At the end of the conversation, do not linger or loiter, but leave gracefully. If you manage to do all this coolly and with grace, she will definitely give her number.

Approaching Women in Public

It may seem a daunting task to approach women in public. Follow the below tips to pull it off successfully and with elan:

  • Choose your time wisely. Never approach her if she is talking to somebody, or when she is in a group.
  • First, make eye contact and smile warmly at her. If she smiles back, it means you can approach her.
  • Go up to her and say “Hi”. If you both are at a grocery store or market, you can start the conversation by commenting on the items she has picked up.
  • Male chivalry is still alive and kicking. So, offer to carry her bags. This gracious gesture will definitely win her heart.

Approaching Women at a Party

You can use the below tips to approach women at a party, club or bar:

  • Initiate and maintain eye contact.
  • Smile warmly and walk up to her.
  • Compliment her looks but do not exaggerate.
  • Notice what she is drinking and offer to buy another drink.
  • Keep the conversation light and funny by cracking jokes and coining puns.
  • If she responds positively, you can ask her number at the end.


Be your natural self and do not put up fake airs. Think about the whole thing as a fun experience. Dress well and look at your best. Try not to become nervous or panicky. With practice, you’ll gain the confidence to approach women with elan. Best of luck in your endeavor to find a soulmate.

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