Should I Call Her?


You have a girl’s number and are wondering whether you should call her. This dilemma is faced by many men. You are hesitant whether to wait and let her call first. Or, you think you would come across as desperate by calling first. This article reveals useful tips which would help you answer the question, “Should I Call Her?”

Should I Call Her?

When you are about to start a relationship with a girl, it’s natural to be anxious and nervous. This is understandable, as you do not know how the girl would respond if you call her. But, take a few deep breaths to make your mind calm and peaceful. Beware not to call her just to while away the time. You should be willing to commit to a relationship if you want to call her. During the call, keep your tone light. Though you are serious about her, your voice should be playful and light-hearted.

Never Be Impulsive

If you are not used to interacting with girls, you would naturally feel nervous. But, be confident and call her if you are serious about her. Talk to her about your genuine feelings. Do not fake a false persona just to impress her. You would be caught out sooner or later. Just be natural and let your innate charm impress her.

Calling After a Break-up

If you broke up with her, call her to reveal the true reasons behind the break-up. Tell her frankly, that you two could still be friends. Women want a buddy to share their deepest feelings, thoughts and mood swings. You can become that buddy by lending an attentive ear and listening patiently. Show that you have a large heart by calling her after the break-up and offering to be her friend.

Calling After a Fight

If you both unfortunately had a fight for some reason, do not carry any ill-feeling about it. Get over it as soon as possible and call her right away. It doesn’t matter who or what caused the fight. Apologize to her with a large heart and speak kind words to her. By acting graciously you can melt the heart of even an ice maiden. Tell her that the fight was merely a heat of the moment thing, which need not happen again. Your true intent and large heart will definitely make her forgive and forget the fight.


To paraphrase Ralph Emerson, you can conquer all things with fortitude and patience. Remember this quote to boost your confidence. Your phone call should give the message that you have limitless patience and an infinitely large heart. Such endearing qualities would definitely win the heart of any girl. So make that phone call now!

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