What is the Role of Saturn Return in Men’s Life?

Men always remain students in the school of life. They continue to grow wiser transcending one phase of life to another. According to astrology, Saturn return represents first of such major transformations in men’s life. It is marked by radical changes in the pattern of life and our attitude. In short, it marks the end of youth and beginning of adulthood.

What Men Can Expect from their Saturn Return?

  • Saturn is the planet of lessons to be learnt in our life. If the days of youth were spent day dreaming and in undisciplined ways, then this phase, which lasts from 27-30 years, marks the pay back time.
  • On the contrary, if individuals lead their youth with utmost organization and sincerity, then this phase turns out to be time for rewards.
  • Change in jobs, break ups and starting new relationships, drastic change in the mannerisms and attitudes on self, society and life are all which can be expected from this phase.
  • It is not said to be easy to live out this phase of life as Saturn is known to be a hard task master before he rewards abundantly.
  • People learn the most important lessons for the rest of their lives through humiliation, confusion, physical labor and at times pain.
  • The ordeal clears all the cobwebs in the mind pertaining to our abilities and short-comings as we are compelled by this phase to face our worst nightmares and identify our core strength to appreciate them adequately.
  • As the phase advances from its initial stage to closure, men experience life altering situations amidst intense activities.
  • If the avenues of learning are identified and the lessons to be learnt are done successfully, the next phase of this astrological phenomenon turns out to be a cake walk around 58-60 years.
  • This phase mostly marks the end of adulthood and entering into the old age.


Some people are fortunate enough to experience their third Saturn return around 88-90 years. In all its phases, the phenomenon tries to cause as much development of the persona as possible. What men need to learn is accept this truth and welcome this vital phase of life, live it and come out of it with flying colors.

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