Top 10 Facts About Sun Screen Protection

Men are generally negligent in taking care of their skin as they spend most of the time exposed to the harmful UV rays. At the most they relay on the sun screen protection products to safeguard the skin health. In the larger interest of their health, men must know certain facts about these products prior to their application.

Top 10 Things to Know About Sunscreen Protection:

  1. These products are made up of organic and inorganic compounds. While the former absorb the harmful ultra-violet rays, the latter provide protection by scattering these rays.
  2. The American Cancer Society recommends the use of these skin products as they are found to be beneficial in the prevention of skin cancer incidences.
  3. 2mg/cm2 of these products should be applied on the exposed skin on average according to the Food and Drug Administration.
  4. Several research studies have found that in order to get benefited, these lotions should be applied 15-30 minutes prior to and after the exposure to sun.
  5. A conclusion drawn from a research study carried out by the experts from the University of California, Riverside, is that not applying the sunscreens after using them for a while can extra damage owing to more production of the harmful free radicals.
  6. As per laboratory standards, the effectiveness of sunscreens is measured in terms of a parameter known as sun protection factor (SPF). Higher the SPF, more is the usefulness of the product.
  7. If SPF of a product is 50, it means that the protection provided by it is such that no sun burn is caused until the exposure to the UV-rays is 50 times more of the rays normally producing the burns.
  8. Sun screen and sun blocks are two different products and it is a misconception that they mean the same. The former has to be applied more times a day in comparison to the latter to get the benefits.
  9. There are some reports that the usage of sunscreen for long can bring down the production of Vitamin D in the body.
  10. The natural pigment melanin can trap the UV rays and spread the energy all along the body surface, the sun screen protection products fall short of doing the same with the trapped energy.

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