Choosing Top Careers for Men

What are the top careers for men? Well, a top career for any man is one that fits in comfortably in his life. It should be able to take care of his responsibilities and also make him feel happy and comfortable. For most men, the issue of choosing a top career is very important because of the challenges faced by them in the family and society at large. The following are the basic characteristics that are associated with a top career for men:

Pay level:

A career that does not comfortably pay the bills of a man cannot be considered as a top career. A good career should be good paying as well.


The stability of a career should be stable in order to be ranked top. There should not be an up and down demand for a career in the market. The demand for a top career should be on stable state.

Comfort ability:

This is an important quality to consider in choosing a top career. When one is comfortable working in his career, his potential is used properly and he can become better daily because of this factor.


A career is regarded to be reliable for a man if he can depend on it especially in times when there is difficulty in economy or any other external factor that might tend to weigh a man down.


Any career that falls in the category of a top career should be challenging or tasking. Challenges make a man stronger and mature.

List of some of top careers for men

  • Physicians and surgeons
  • Political scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Chief executive offices
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Podiatrists
  • Astronomers
  • Marketing managers
  • Computer and information system manager
  • Computer scientists

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  1. I feel sorry for men sometimes because they need to find a job that will pay bills, feed their families and take care of them when emergencies arise.

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