Attributes of a Gentleman

Men who are referred to as gentlemen posses certain qualities which are outstanding compared to the ordinary man. There is a long history regarding the usage of the word “Gentlemen”. This term is used by the French as gentilhomme, in Latin as gentilis and in Spanish as gentilhombre. All these are all related to one meaning, which is nobility.
In the days of great writers like Williams Shakespeare and William Harrison, the word “gentlemen” was used with so much respect and dignity. In describing gentlemen, these great writers used extraordinary attribute to any man being referred to. For example, the words of Shakespeare in the “taming of the shrew”;

Katherine referred to Patruchio saying: “So may you lose your arm if you strike me, you are no gentleman; and if no gentle man, why then no arms.”

Katherine said these words when Patruchio threatened to strike her. Shakespeare used these words of Katherine to express that a gentleman should treat people with dignity.

Most people have a different way of using this term. Sometimes, this word is overused especially when it is used generally to describe a group of men, example “ladies and gentlemen….” Today, there are some qualities which we used to associate with men referred to as gentlemen. They are:

Nobel men:

Gentlemen are known to be Nobel. Men can be Nobel through their character or their involvement to improve the political condition of a country. These set of men are said to be highly respected.

Treating a lady nicely:

Men who treat people well especially ladies are referred to as gentlemen. In most parts of the world, there are basic attitudes expected of men on how they should treat a woman. When a man exhibits these attitudes, he is referred to as a gentleman.

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