Are Women more Emotional than Men?

The concept most people have about emotion is always lining to the women. The facts we know about women have drawn the idea of emotion to be a woman thing, but is it true what they say about woman being more emotional than men? To answer this question, one has to look into the character and composition of a man and a woman.

Recently, researches have found out that men have as much emotions as the women or even more than the women. The only difference is that women show their emotions easily while a man finds a way to hide his emotions. A man is known to be stronger than a woman. When a little boy is growing up, he is taught that he should take care of his sister and should not cry in front of her or any other girl. Growing with this, a man learns not to express his emotion but tries hard to suppress it.

Basic Emotional Attributes of a Man

• Men find it difficult to show or express their emotions even in worst situations
• Men prefer to ruminate over bad situations than saying it
• Men only share their emotions with few close people
• Men express their emotions with little or no intensity
• Men show their emotions with less emotional languages and few words
• A man has a behavior that possesses no emotional attribute
• Men believe they are made stronger than a woman, and so should not should not show emotions
• Men react slowly to any situation

Looking at the attributes listed above, there is no way one can conclude that women have more emotions than men, rather it will be a better saying that women show or expresses their emotions more than the men.

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