The View of Traditional Men on Working Women

Gone are the days when women sat at home and did all the domestic jobs in the house. This issue has being seen by a category of men know as traditional men as unacceptable. For these set of men, women are supposed to be the ones who take care of the house and not the ones looking for a better career. Some points have been pointed out by these traditional men on why a woman is not supposed to be working.

Reasons Why women are not supposed to work

The Children’s up bringing:

According to these men, the rate at which the youth of this generation turning to evil is at the increase because the mother who is the woman of the house is far from the kid. They argue that, if a woman stays close to a child, she will be able to notice and correct any bad behavior of the child.

Organization of homes:

The organization of homes is being jeopardized when women involve in working rather than taking care of the home. It is argued that most homes do not have a specific proper organization because of the pursuit of career by the women.

Respect for the man:

Most women who are in good careers do not have any loss of the traditional attitude of a woman being under a man. This is because most women are in top positions and earn more than the man; this variation makes them disrespect the men both in the family and in the society at large.

Marital problems:

Traditional men believe that the rate of marital problems in our society will decrease if women remain at home. Marital issues are caused by lack of understanding between the couple in marriage. This misunderstanding is caused by the gap created by women staying away from home, trying to build a good career for themselves.

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