Different Abuse in Men

The general knowledge people have about abuse is centered mostly in women. We do not think of the abuses faced by men in their day to day activities. It will surprise one to know the number of men abused daily in our society today. The abuse in men has caused much harm to the development of our youth today, but since no one talks about it, the situation increases at an alarming rate.

The abuse in men depends on many factors including age, place of work, race etc. some of the ways in which men are abused include:

Sexual abuse:

It is no more a hidden fact that men are forced into sexual act by women who happen to be in a higher power than they are. These abuses come mostly from place of work or in most institutions. Men who are abused this way develop low esteem and this could end up affecting their future.

Domestic abuse:

Some men face a total abuse in their own homes. Domestically, some men have been turned to slaves by their wives. This might be as a result of the wife earning more in the family. Men who are abused domestically lose their self respect both at home and outside.

Social abuse:

This kind of abuse is faced by almost every man. Social abuse can come in different ways, either by the way a man is treated by a woman, or by the way she talks to her. The common one is a woman socially abusing a man by the way she is dressed. Most times, this can cause a total distraction that can affect a man’s life.

Racial abuse:

Some men of differently races have been abused by women just because of the color of his skin. Most women see the variety of skin color as a reason to subject men to their own selfish will.

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