Reasons Why Men Abuse Women

“A man who abuses a woman does not love himself.” This is a famous saying concerning men who barter and abuse women. The reason why men abuse women is very hard to determine, although in the actual sense, there is no reason why a man should abuse a woman. Men who abuse women have a variety of external and internal influences for the devastating abuse.

Research has shown that most men who abuse women have issues affecting them at that moment. It might be disappointment or depression, but they abuse women to feel a relief from these stresses. Abused women have a poor quality of life due to their physical and mental injuries caused at the hand of the man who is supposed to love and care for them. Let’s consider some facts that cause men to abuse women:

Basic reasons why men abuse women:

  • Financial crisis:
    Most men abuse women when they are facing financial issues. When a man is feeling or experiencing problems financially, he becomes depressed and this depression might lead to a physical abuse.
  • Low self-esteem:
    Men who have low self-esteem might believe that abusing and causing fear in a woman will make them feel superior.
  • Environmental influence on a child:
    The kind of home in which a child was brought up influences his actions. A boy who grew up watching his father abuse his mother has the tendency to do same when he enters a relationship.
  • Selfishness and pleasure:
    Most men enjoy the sight of a woman being abused. To this set of men, they feel pleasure when hurting women.
  • Finding a solution to abuse starts with understanding the causes. Abuse is never acceptable and resources should be put into place to help the women and the abusers.

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