Basic Workout Routine for Men

The most attractive men on earth are always ones who take good care of their physical appearance. One of the ways men ensure good physical attribute is by workouts. There are many workout routine for men, but every man should ensure that the method chosen for his workout suits his body working abilities. Every workout routine has a different effect to different parts of the body. There are workouts meant for strengthening the shoulders, arms, chest etc.

Most men choose a wrong routine for specific in enhancing different parts of their body. The best workout routine should have a direct and positive impact on a specific part of the body.

Good workout routines for men

  • Breach press warm up:

    This type of routine involves a man lying on a bench with his back and lifting a weight over him. This will help men who desire to work on their chest region.

  • Inclined dumb bell press:

    This involves lining with your back on a bench tilted to an angle of 45 degree. This will help in the building of the arms and chest region.

  • Dumbbell flyes on stability ball:

    This involves totally lying on a beach with the back, and carrying a specific weight on both hands swinging it to and foe across the chest.

  • Kneeing rollout with a stability ball:

    One should position himself kneeling across the floor with the head and the hands supported by a stability ball. This should last for at-least 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Hanging leg rising:

    This involves hanging on a pole with both hands separated at a distance, the legs hanging up for a period of time. This workout is meant for the hip and belly region.
    Pull ups: To perform this routine, a man needs to place his both hand on a pole separated, and pulling himself up and down within a period of time.

  • Squats and warm up:

    In this, one has to squat carrying a weight behind his shoulders. He will also try to stand and squat at intervals of time.

Workout for men has to be chosen properly in order to achieve a maximum efficiency and reduce side effects.

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