Influences of Muscular Men on Women

A woman once said “women are attracted to muscles as men are attracted to boobs”. Current researches have shown that it is more likely for women to loose themselves to muscular men than to average built men. It has been observed that women have a strong attraction for men who are well built and have developed muscles. There might not be any Cause to the attraction of women to muscular men, because it is a homogenous expression that occurs in every woman.

A woman is naturally soft and gentle. This might be a reason why they go for strong and muscular men to shield and protect the weakness in them. There are some influences men have on women they include:

Influences of muscular men on women

Sex appeal:

It have been noticed that men who are well built and muscular have more sex approaches than average built men. Most women prefer the strength experience while sleeping with a muscular man than the soft touches of a skinny and average built men.

Short time affair:

The numbers of women who have affair with muscular men are more of married women. This will result to a short time affair between the man and the woman. Most women who go for well built men go for satisfaction and after satisfying their desire they go back to their normal life till there is another urge.

Comfort ability:

Women feel more comfortable and relaxed when they are in the arms of a muscular man. This feeling of comfort inspires and triggers their desire to go for men who are muscular.

Physical Security:

Most women have a sense of physical security when they are dating or having an affair with
muscular men. Due to the empowered physical appearance of a man, women feel more protected with him.

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