The Problem of Addiction in Men

For one to be addicted means having an unnecessary and unstoppable desire to do something. Most observation made shows that addiction in men is at a higher range compared to what is observed in women.

Addiction is seen as a disease by most people; others see it as a psychiatric problem. No matter how one looks at addiction, the basic thing to note is, addiction takes control of a person’s ability to control a particular attitude. This will result in side effects related to that attitude. Some of the observed addictions in men include;

  • Alcoholic addictions
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Addiction to Nicotine
  • Addiction to gambling
  • Sex addiction

The above list is few but major addictions seen in men, but there are some other attitudes that a man can be addicted to. What are the factors that might cause men to be addicted to some attitudes?
Causes of addiction


Most observations made about men who are addicted to one thing or the other, shows that depression leads in the causes of addiction. When a man feels depressed in certain situations, he tends to look for a comforting power. A man seems to get the comfort from depression through addiction.


Theories have been propounded on the issues of addiction been inherited. From observations, addictions like alcoholism have been seen to run through people from the same family. This fact although can not be said to be accurate, but there is a tendency that addiction might be inherited.

Peer group:

The peer one follows might lead him to be addicted to a particular attitude. The involvement of a group of friends, co-workers or even mates can result to one being addicted to a specific attitude.

Cure for addiction

The most efficient cure for addiction in men is by staying away totally from what ever you are addicted to. This might be very difficult but it is achievable with a strong will and determination. The next alternative is to see a doctor for a proper advice or medication on how to stop an addicted act.

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