Tackling Depression in Men

Depression is a physiological effect that can affect any body no matter the sex or age. Depression in men is hard to detect when compared to women. This is because men hardly show their feelings but prefer dealing with it in actions. Most men who are depressed turn to alcoholism, drugs or addiction to an attitude in an attempt to ease this defect. There is a differentiation in ways at which men are affected by depression.

Causes of depression in men


Most men are normally depressed when they face disappointments. This weighs a man down and limits his ability to perform any further activities.


A man might be depressed if he suffers from a sickness for a long period of time. This might be as a result of the frustration he feels being dependent at the moment he is sick.

Career problems:

This seems to be a major cause of depression in men. Men desire to be successful in their career, but when the issues of career become a problem it results to depression.

Relationship problems:

It is always a disturbing issue to a man if his relationship turns problematic. This is more experienced by men who are emotional.

Symptoms of depressions in men

Depression can be dictated in men with the following occurrence;

• Anxiety or sad gesture
• A feeling of hopelessness in different situations
• Feeling guilty and helpless
• Loss of appetite
• Having sleeping troubles
• Restlessness and an irritating feeling
• Loss of interest in hobbies or things he loves doing

Treatment of depression in men

The problem in treating depression in men is the fact that most men tend to hide their feelings. Most of them prefer to do drugs or use banded substances to help them selves.

• The first step in the treatment of depression in men is to open up. Acknowledging the fact that one is depressed gives a great boost to the treatment of depression.

• Met your doctor or a therapist for advice or help. Since depression is a psychological issue, meeting a counselor or a psychologist will also be a better suggestion in which men can treat depression.

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