Basic Facial Care for Men

The looks of a man strongly depends on how good he takes care of his face. The act of facial care for men is considered unimportant to some. The ability for a man to take care of his face affects positively other aspects of his life. The way a man is accepted has something to do with the way he cares about his facial appearance. For a man to properly take care of his face, he needs to understand the nature of his skin to avoid any adverse reaction.

Things to note about a man’s face

  • Men have fifty percent oily complexion than women
  • A man’s face is twice as rough and hard as that of a woman
  • The possibility of a rough face is higher in men than in women. This might be because of shaving and use of blades
  • Women has more shiny face compared to the men
  • The risk of facial infections is higher in men than in women

With the above listed statements, one will understand that a man needs a proper facial care to keep his face healthy and smooth.
Standard ways required for facial care in men

• For improving the face texture, men should use a cleanser or moisturizer with alpha – hydroxyl acid, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid. This will also help to improve the skin tone.

• Due to the oily nature of a man’s skin, men should endeavor to follow a simple routine – wash, clean and moisturize their face regularly. This will reduce germs from sticking to the face.

• There should be complete protection from the sun. Constant exposure of the skin under the rays of the harsh sun light might lead to skin cancer and wrinkles. Men should use sunglasses or sunscreen to protect the delicate parts of the face.

• While using toner for the skin, men should use alcohol – free toner. This will cool the face and does not disturb the pH balance of the body.

The above requirements should be backed up by a healthy and proper diet. This will ensure a proper and a successful facial care for men.

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