Choosing the Best Color Ties for Men

For a man to make a solid impression on his dressing, a good color combination is very necessary. When it comes to ties, the color of a tie can either boost the dress or ruin the whole effort. The best term for color choice when it comes to choosing a tie is coordination (coordinate). For a tie to coordinate with a shirt or a suit, it has to hold certain qualities of color combination. Color ties sometimes can seem difficult to coordinate, but with simple rules observed, it becomes so interesting and easy.
In choosing the best color ties, a man has to consider the following factors:

  • Color of the shirt
  • Type of the shirt (long sleeves or short)
  • Design of the shirt ( striped or plain)
  • Color of the suit
  • Design of the suit
  • Shoe color

The above listed factors have to be considered for one to make a good coordination with a tie. Let us consider the best color of tie that will best suit different type of shirts.

Single color shirts

• Wear the same color tie with the same color shirt: To match a tie with a single colored shirt might be very simple. The first option one has is – to wear a single color shirt with the same color tie. This fashion has long been used and is still in use.

• Coordinate the colors: To coordinate the color of the shirt and the tie, one has to think of colors that has the right combination. Below are the examples of good tie color combination.

  1. One can coordinate a pale blue shirt with a yellow, gold, navy, or red tie.
  2. Another good coordination is a pink slink shirt with a navy blue or burgundy tie.
  3. One can also wear a French blue shirt with a deep burgundy, gold, red, or yellow tie.

Striped shirts

This can be a little tasking but there are two secrets that can help you deal with this;
• Consider the color coordination first.
• Make sure that the stripes on the ties and that on the shirt are of different sizes. At least in the ratio of 1:2.

Checkered shirts

With checkered shirts, the most important factor to apply is to make sure that the tie has diagonal stripes.

The above listed conduction counts when it comes to the choice of best color ties that can go with a suit. Adhering and following these will make a man’s dressing magnificent.

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