Basic Factors that leads to divorce

In our society today, divorce has gained so much success that it has almost become what we see and hear daily. Couples find it very difficult to stay together that they turn to divorce as the only solution to their peace of mind.

Questions have been asked on the factors that leads recent high rate of divorce. The factors that lead to divorce depend on so many things especially the environment in which the couples are staying, their career, and most times their personality.

Factors that leads to divorce

Sexual abilities –

Sex is a very important factor in any couples live. It severs as a bond that keeps the two together. When there is inability of one person to satisfy the other in bed, there is every tendency that the relationship is heading to the rocks.

Lack of commitment –

People has different definition of this word COMMITMENT. If a couple cannot forgo their personal desires and commit to the growth of their relationship, then, there is no way they can move forward. Relationship they is about giving everything.

Financial difficulty –

most marriages today have been built on the availability of money. Once the money stops flowing in then the relationship starts breaking, and the next step is going for a divorce.

Infidelities in marriages –

Children are seen as the fruit of a marriage. When there is problem with the ability of a couple to have babies, the relation will tend to look for solution in getting new partners.

Career pursuit –

Career is one major thing that leads to divorce. Couples have concentrated more on their career than they do on their families or relationships. The time they spend doing different jobs and seeking a growth in careers, makes the marriage empty and not interesting. So the seek for a divorce.

Communication –

once there is a communication bridge between couples, there is every possibility that the relationship is breaking up.

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