Basic Infertility Test for Men

After a period of one year of marriage without a woman conceiving, it is advised that a couple go for infertility test. A couple might decide to go for this test before they get married depending on mutual consent. Infertility in men has created a great concern in the minds of medical practitioners because of the effects it has on men and their families.

Factors that can prompt infertility test in men

• Inability for the partner to conceive
• Former sexual diseases (contacted before marriage)
• Unsafe sexual history
• Unusual sexual malfunctioning in a man

Tips related to infertility test in men

History section

An Urologist is a fertility specialist and is the professional responsible for performing infertility test. The patient goes through procedures like answering questions about his sex life or fertility history. The following questions are necessary in this section;

• Sexual history and transmitted diseases
• Childhood illness and after effects
• Family fertility history
• Serious diseases like cancer, stroke or any other disease

Physical test

The specialist performs a physical test on the patient. This involves the following;

• The Varicoceles of a patient is examined: The varicoceles can be felt when the scrotum is being examined. This should be done when the patient is standing.

• The size of the testes is checked: Most men with small testes have being associated with low sperm count. Large testes are also said to have an abnormal sperm production.

• The postal gland is also checked for abnormalities

Laboratory test

Post – ejaculation urinal sample:

This is taken from the patient, and some test is run on it to determine the strength of ejaculation or to check for infections.

Semen analysis:

The semen of the patient is extracted from him, and test is conducted on this sample. A man is expected to abstain from ejaculation for about two to three days before the test. This is because the number of sperms is reduced at each ejaculation.

Blood test:

The blood is tested for factors that might lead to infertility. Some of these factors include;

• The hormonal balance in the body

• Some type of infection in the blood that might lead to infertility
It is advised that men, who have been affected with any sexual disease, should try and go for infertility test for the commencement of treatment.

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